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MindBody Montreal Events 2019

We have scheduled a wide range of MindBody events, Bodywork sessions and Breathwork sessions throughout the year. If you would like to provide these services for your collegues, teammates, family members or employees, this can be arranged by contacting Katie today.

Because these are live events, enabling you to work with Katie in-person, attendance is limited.

Why choose to attend a MindBody Event?

MindBody Wellness is an extremely personal approach to overcoming limiting beliefs, reducing stress and frustration, healing from physical and emotional trauma – and finding the Real You within. Because it is so focused on You, your beliefs, and your sense of self, MindBody is most effective in a face-to-face interaction between you and your facilitator. It is not conducive to a “virtual” environment.

With that in mind, if you choose to attend one of our MindBody events, you will be introduced to a type of holistic healing and wellness that you may never have imagined possible – a program that will help you become better in your career, relationships, and self-care – a program that will empower you to create a deeper connection to your family and – ultimately – to your Self.

Calendar of Upcoming MindBody Events

MindBody Breathwork Sessions

Attention! Only 10 spots are available for each of these sessions.

January 19, 2019  Manifesting 2019 Breathwork Session
Studio S Yoga

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