I had been wanting to try reflexology for sometime so when Katie told me she was able to treat me I jumped on board. the sessions were, to be honest somewhat painful at the beginning and by the time I had finished all 15 sessions I noticed a huge improvement. I did not feel the pain I had initially experienced and I noticed a difference in my overall well being.

Thank you Katie, for working with me and for your great positive attitude. it always leaves me feeling so much better.

Carolyn Bagarollo41 years old

When I met Katie I had been having back and neck pain off and on for several years. Classical Stretch (Essentrics) has allowed me to take control of my body. Stretching helps my body feel relaxed and toned. It is also a very relaxing and low impact type of exercise which is exactly what I was looking for. If I feel pain or stress in any body muscle I can choose a stretching routine that will slowly unlock those muscles. Katie’s enthusiasm is contagious; I am now a Classical Stretch addict thanks to her!

Christine Mayers

After a bad concussion, I met Katie serendipitously. I was not an easy client, a bit suspicious and rather stressed. Katie won me over and helped me feel much better. Her massages, breathing exercises and stretching exercises reduced the pain from my concussion and helped me recover my strength. Katie is generous and caring. She has many resources and approaches to better her patients’ health and boost their energy level. Katie is fun and professional.

Alexandre Champagne33 years old

Katie has been a wonderful therapist for me for years. She has treated everything from sports injuries to symptoms I suffered from an inflammatory disease (vasculitis). A few years ago, Katie first performed her magic when I could barely move without pain, during the height of an auto-immune attack that led to inflammation all over and major joint pain. Her treatment led to such a release of stress and pain that I literally cried.

Since then I have healed from that condition for the most part and Katie has followed the progress with a series of techniques and treatments depending on whatever specific or general feedback I give her. Her intuition and ability to communicate with my body is very remarkable, and I am always with her ability to diagnose, locate and treat all sorts of problems that I am not even able to explain or communicate. The results are always the same, and the follow-up and attention is fantastic. As required, she has also successfully developed exercises and techniques I use on my own to follow up on her treatments.

Matt33 years old

There is one word to describe Katie McIntyre.. extraordinary. I first met Katie at a group workshop where she taught 10 participants the joy of proper breathing, as well as introduced the key fundamentals of good mental and physical health. I found her knowledgeable and extremely experienced in all levels of health and healing, from physical pain to emotional issues. Her training and expertise in mind and body healing encouraged me to go see Katie for Core Belief process which liberated me from many negative beliefs and baggage I had been carrying for years-as we all do. I also asked for her help after I tore the ligaments in my shoulder, booking a package of 5 sessions. With an intense massage/healing therapy, along with instructions re exercises, proper use of ice and heat, I am glad to say the shoulder is healing nicely. Her technique is unparalleled and you will feel like a million dollars after you leave her. Katie is the real thing and her positive energy is radiant. She makes a difference to your mental and physical health because she is a therapist who truly cares! I have recommended Katie to other people, including my own sister. We all rave about her healing work, as will you. I have never met anyone else as qualified and intuitive with the gift of healing. I am a magazine editor here in Montreal I was so impressed that I asked her to be a regular contributor to our magazine.. ME.

Lisa Peters

Katie has worked on me for at least 6 years. I’m very active and abuse my body well. The level of healing I get from her is something my body truly needs and will appreciate for life. The best part about Katie is that throughout the years her techniques and methods have always evolved and she never stops learning new ways to further her knowledge of HEALING. I’m so happy she’s part of my life and you all should experience life with a body and mind cared for by her.

Pat Therault34 years old