5 Reasons to attend a Breathwork Seminar (more than once)

Taking time for yourself to develop a deep understanding and relationship with your breath is a must! Breath is life. Give yourself the opportunity to do it well.

Top 5 reasons to attend a Breathwork Seminar

1. Oxygen does more than you think. Oxygen is life’s first food. In proper balance, it vitalizes our body, calms the mind, and stabilizes the nervous system. Without it we cannot absorb important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. When our cells lack oxygen, they weaken and die. Without oxygen, nothing works very well at all!

2. Would you drive your car without opening the hood for regular maintenance and repair? Your lungs will deteriorate 9%-25% per decade unless you do something to maintain them. As our cells grow older, they loose their ability to carry oxygen. As the liver ages it robs increasing amounts of oxygen reserves for detoxification, often leaving the other body systems with an oxygen shortage. Utilizing Integral breathwork sessions will optimize the oxygen delivered to the brain, extremities and organs. These areas are often in short supply through aging, exercise and normal day to day activities.

3. Are you stuck in “fight or flight”? Today’s idealization of being busy has left us in a constant state of fight or flight. This shows up mentally, emotionally and physically. Having anxiety, depression, ulcers, high blood pressure, poor sleeping patterns, chronic pain, poor circulation, headaches, poor digestion, lack of sex drive or motivation to succeed and a general negative outlook on life are just a few signs of “fight or flight”. The longer people stay here the worse it can get. Breathwork gives your body the ability to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems leaving your autonomic nervous system functioning optimally. This technique practiced regularly can change your life.

4. Conscious Breathing Heals! When oxygen levels are increased cells begin to function normally. The removal of free radicals, tissue swelling, toxins and poisons enhances wound healing as well as past traumas stuck in cellular memory. This can be described as a spiritual experience based on this profound level of healing the body is able to undertake in one breathwork session.

5. This six hour seminar gives you the learning, experience and muscle memory to have this technique for life. By taking measurements, performing exercises, studying the proper dynamic of breathing and experiencing a breathwork session you will have a complete understanding of Integral Breathwork. Take this knowledge and use it throughout your life:

  • In times of increased stress or trauma.
  • When you lack sleep and feel regular fatigue.
  • During moments of healing.
  • When life feels too busy to keep up.
  • Intense emotional experiences.
  • Lacking physical exercise or increased muscle soreness from intense exercise.
  • Creating change in your life.
  • Needing to feel grounded, balanced and happier.


This articles has obtained information from Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound & Water by Denis Ouellette, copyright 2006 and Michael Grant White, creator of Breathing.com, founder of Optimal Breathing Development School.

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  1. Hi ! Dianne Parnell suggested your site for me! How would I go about having /doing a Breathwork seminar in BC ?

    • Kate,
      I unfortunately do not have a Breathwork source to refer you to in BC. If I travel there to host one myself-I will be sure to let you know. If you ever visit Montreal-Check out my offerings before coming or message me for a personal session.
      Wish you all the best,

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