Top 5 Reasons to be a CBE Weekend Warrior

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Free your Beliefs, Change your Life

with Elly Roselle, Founder of Core Belief Engineering.


1. If you don’t change your life no one else will. We are three months into the year already. At the beginning of the year did you have plans to do something different or improve a category of your life? Have you been able to implement these? You could say that it’s only been three months. Or you might be feeling the urgency to make those things happen and are waiting for the spring to get started. Well you’re in luck, I planned this workshop in April to help kick start you. You will only succeed at the things you want if you carve out the time to do them. Taking a weekend away from work or family will keep you on track to reach your 2014 goals.

2. When you take time for yourself to improve everyone wins! Yes, whether you believe it or not, when the air flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first before your child’s it is the best course of action. We all know the value of getting away, especially during the winter months in Montreal. Getting away doesn’t always mean we get to come back more aware, full of curiosity about life, and excited to make change. It usually means laundry, returning phone calls and planning the week. Take this weekend away for yourself in order to accomplish the things that have lingered or held you back from being the best you. Your partner, co-workers, kids, family, employer/employees and friends will be happy you did.

3. Change is a process, why not make it a short one. You obviously see a ‘future you’ that wants to be experiencing something different otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. For those of you that do not know me very well, I drastically changed my life in 3 years time.¬† What I accomplished within myself in 3 years might have taken 8. The speed and efficiency that Core Belief Engineering offers is time and cost effective. With this point I will continue to number 4.

4. Procrastination is a money suck. There is this phenomenon that I like to call the “creeper”. The creeper is this nagging feeling in the back of your mind or deep in your gut that is always there. It is more obvious at times, but often stays in the background. It says things like; “I have been meaning to get to that”, “I wish I had time for that”, “I can’t believe I am dealing with this again, I thought I was over this” and “how come this is happening to me again”. This is the creeper that silently reminds you that you are not living your potential. You are stuck in a pattern that in one way or another holds you back from having more. Take time aside to work directly on the creeper and it can transform into the “doer”. As you have probably figured out; the doer is much happier moving forward instead of looking back.

5. An opportunity to learn from Elly Roselle is priceless! Elly is one of the reasons core beliefs are discussed today. Her expertise and know-how for changing the mind is unparalleled. Mind Body is honored by this opportunity to bring CBE to Montreal.

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