Meet Katie McIntyre – MindBody Connection Coach

After many years of formal training combined with experimentation of popular forms of healing, Katie has created an approach that includes manual therapy, fitness, Core Belief Engineering, Breathwork and nutrition.

Katie majored in sports medicine and later became a certified Athletic Trainer, after switching out of her pre-med program. Her decision to change majors stemmed from her desire to further pursue the connection between the mind and the body’s performance levels. Katie studied under Pete Koehneke’s program which focused on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and advanced first responder techniques.

In the years following graduation, Katie worked on hundreds of bodies. Once more she was drawn to the mind/body connection as she noticed that those with more positive self-image recovered faster than those with a negative self-image. This led her to training with the College of Core Belief Engineering, where she worked personally with Elly Roselle, the creator of Core Belief Engineering.

Changing Core Beliefs for Positive Outcomes

There, Katie learned to work consciously with one’s subconscious patterns about themselves, life, and others, changing negative beliefs into positive, supportive ones. Working in this manner in concert with physical therapy resulted in deeper, more lasting healing on the physical and mental aspects of her clients.

Katie also incorporates Integral Breathwork and nutrition into her practice, because their essential basic functions in life are cornerstones to optimal health and are all too often overlooked. She was trained by the founder of Integral Breathwork. Under Denis Ouellette’s tutelage, Katie learned the profound change that correct deep breathing can have on the functioning of the body systems, clearing them of toxins and blockages, in addition to relieving stress. These can build up within the body causing it to age more quickly and function at less than optimal levels.

Helping people heal, grow, and change their lives on a physical, mental, and emotional level is Katie’s specialty.

Although she is familiar with a wide array of healing options, Katie believes in the following specific combination:

Core Belief Engineering – changing limiting beliefs into unlimited potential

Breathwork – because one’s ability to breathe fully and properly keeps us not only vital and young, but also in optimal health.

Body Work – Medical Massage, a deep message that goes beyond release of muscle tension. The specific placement of hands, combined with tension and movement create space and opening which liberate built up toxins within the tissues and organs.

Fitness-Essentrics – a strengthening program that uses stretching techniques to improve posture and overall physical efficacy. This program is ideal for all fitness types.

Nutrition – Katie believes in intolerance tests because a person needs to have a deep understanding and connection to their bodies and its needs in order to nourish it properly.

Katie’s Credentials

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Athletic Training Sports Medicine from Canisius College
  • Certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (since 2006)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (since 2006)
  • Certified through Canadian Acupressure Massage Therapists Association (since 2009)
  • Associate Practitioner of Core Belief Engineering taught by founder Elly Roselle and certified practitioner Lisa Siorowicz
  • Training in Power Academy Level 1 founded by Faye Fitzgerald taught by Elinor Svaboda
  • Integral Breathwork Facilitator taught by Denis Ouellette (since 2005)
  • Certified Classical Stretch-The Esmonde Technique/Essentrics (level 2) taught by Miranda and Sahra Esmonde-White

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