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5 Reasons to attend a Breathwork Seminar (more than once)

Taking time for yourself to develop a deep understanding and relationship with your breath is a must! Breath is life. Give yourself the opportunity to do it well.

Top 5 reasons to attend a Breathwork Seminar

1. Oxygen does more than you think. Oxygen is life’s first food. In proper balance, it vitalizes our body, calms the mind, and stabilizes the nervous system. Without it we cannot absorb important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. When our cells lack oxygen, they weaken and die. Without oxygen, nothing works very well at all!

2. Would you drive your car without opening the hood for regular maintenance […]

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3 Ways to Let Go

A client of mine asked me “How can I let go?”. I thought this was a fabulous question that everyone can benefit from. Here are my top 3 ways to let go.

1. Being ready to move forward is the biggest step. Some people would argue that they don’t want to feel pain anymore or they are sick of feeling sad why would they be stopping themselves from leaving it behind. Well, the truth is, their are benefits to the pain or the sadness. We have to take some time to really look at the whole picture of our reality. Their […]

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Quick Tips for an Optimal Breathing Pattern

Optimal breathing patterns focus on the effectiveness of the inhale because it will give rise to the effectiveness of the exhale. Both are essential to keep the body’s system functioning in a balanced state.
Imagine a pear hanging from your collar bone. During an inhale, as your lungs fill, the top of the pear is pushed down and the bottom of the pear expands filling with air. The movement of the pear expanding is the same movement that your diaphragm will make during an effective inhale. Seventy percent of your inhale should take place in this pear shape.
Now imagine a cone […]

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