Topic: Core Belief Engineering

Top 5 Reasons to be a CBE Weekend Warrior

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Free your Beliefs, Change your Life

with Elly Roselle, Founder of Core Belief Engineering.


1. If you don’t change your life no one else will. We are three months into the year already. At the beginning of the year did you have plans to do something different or improve a category of your life? Have you been able to implement these? You could say that it’s only been three months. Or you might be feeling the urgency to make those things happen and are waiting for […]

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3 Ways to Let Go

A client of mine asked me “How can I let go?”. I thought this was a fabulous question that everyone can benefit from. Here are my top 3 ways to let go.

1. Being ready to move forward is the biggest step. Some people would argue that they don’t want to feel pain anymore or they are sick of feeling sad why would they be stopping themselves from leaving it behind. Well, the truth is, their are benefits to the pain or the sadness. We have to take some time to really look at the whole picture of our reality. Their […]

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