It Takes a Team Effort

When I was younger I played three sports, one for each season. I sometimes had three coaches at once including a team of therapists and personal trainers. This mentoring, support and collaboration provided me with all the tools to be great at what I loved.

I believe in having the same support, collaboration and mentoring through life. It’s important to use a variety of resources to help you create your ideal relationship, body, and lifestyle. The holistic approach that I have created with MindBody encompasses many of these principles within its program of change. In order to be great in life get the coaches, therapists and trainers to work together specifically for you.

Mindbody offers Core Belief Engineering, Integral Breathwork, Medical Massage, and Essentrics. It also offers other coaches , therapists and trainers that have had success in their holistic approaches for years. These people’s invaluable service give my clients an array of opportunity to grow, learn and live the life they choose.

Click on the videos to hear how these therapists can help you.  (I will update this post periodically with more videos of the MindBody team).





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