Quick Tips for an Optimal Breathing Pattern

Optimal breathing patterns focus on the effectiveness of the inhale because it will give rise to the effectiveness of the exhale. Both are essential to keep the body’s system functioning in a balanced state.
Imagine a pear hanging from your collar bone. During an inhale, as your lungs fill, the top of the pear is pushed down and the bottom of the pear expands filling with air. The movement of the pear expanding is the same movement that your diaphragm will make during an effective inhale. Seventy percent of your inhale should take place in this pear shape.
Now imagine a cone with the point anchored at your navel. The upper circle of the cone is approximately at the nipples. After the breath has filled the pear it will naturally rise up to open the ribs and expand the chest, filling up the cone. This accounts for thirty percent of the breath. The cone will get wider as the ribs expand to allow more air in the lungs. The cone does not move up and down, therefore your shoulders will not shrug. Imagine how much tension you would have if you did 15,000 to 35,000 shoulder shrugs a day!
Reverse breathing is when the abdomen comes in on the inhale leaving little space for the air to fill up the pear. The natural wave motion that the pear and cone breath makes is lost. The body is then depleted of its desired amount of oxygen. This affects the adrenals and the natural rhythms of the body that maintain health and homeostasis.
When you imagine the wave of the breath filling the pear and then rising up to widen the cone you are able to achieve an optimal breath. This rhythm helps the parasympathetic nervous system, your cerebral spinal fluid and will help you achieve an effective exhale. Maximizing the relaxation and capacity of your exhale will create effective detoxification leaving your body with the opportunity to pause before its next inhale because you will be oxygenated and refreshed.
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