MindBody Wellness Services

The MindBody Wellness Services offered by Katie McIntyre have been designed as a holistic approach to wellness and self-healing. While Katie can, and will, be your guide, the work of finding MindBody Balance is largely up to you.

Whether you choose Core Belief Engineering, Breathwork, Medical Massage, Essentrics, or some combination of all of these MindBody Wellness Services Katie’s goal is simple, yet profound – to help you find balance – in your mind and body.

Core Belief Engineering

Your beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, are inherent in every aspect of your life, and are responsible for your failures as well as your successes.

The goal of Core Belief Engineering (CBE), is to identify reframe your beliefs, to return your thoughts and actions to you in ways that are positive and healthy, through the conscious communication with your subconscious mind and belief systems. Truly a life-altering experience, CBE has the power to transform and build identity and purpose – from within.

Breathwork as a Healing Tool

While breathing is the key to life, Integral Breathwork is the key to living a healthier life.

Oxygen is a natural healing compound. When oxygen levels are increased waste, gases, and toxins are removed more efficiently and cells function more effectively. Breathwork will vastly improve the flow of healing oxygen to your body, while at the same time helping you free yourself from stress and anxiety, in a unique healing experience unlike any other.

Medical Massage Therapy

The healing power of human touch cannot be overestimated, which is just one of the reasons for the popularity of massage through the ages. Master Level Body Massage Therapy enhances the experience by focusing on the meridians throughout your body to stimulate energy and aligning your body for increased functionality.

Medical Massage Therapy uses human touch to restore all of your essential components to bring your mind and body into balance.

Essentrics Coaching

Using dynamic motion throughout your body, Essentrics works every muscle from head to toe, increasing flexibility and strengthening each muscle group. Your body becomes lean and strong, toned and balanced; even as range of motion and muscle shape improve.

A full-body therapeutic program, Essentrics is a safe, dynamic stretching and strengthening fitness workout that helps individuals achieve the goal of a toned, flexible, and balanced body.

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