Core Belief Engineering

Core Belief Engineering (CBE)

CBE is perhaps the earliest model to study beliefs as a function of personality. It began in 1982, when Elly Roselle cured herself of a 20-year struggle with anorexia and bulimia by experimenting on her own beliefs. She discovered a way to create a “profound shift at the core of her being” – that she was worthy of love.

Through years of experimentation with volunteers and her own experience, she came to realize that beliefs (whether conscious or unconscious) are inherent in every aspect of our lives and are responsible for our failures as well as our successes.

She developed the CBE process with the following goals in mind:

  • Bring back (or build) authority within the SELF – one’s sense of personal freedom
  • Re-awaken, instill, or increase self-love, self-trust, and personal well-being
  • Build successful patterns and attitudes in finances and career
  • Enhance talents, qualities, abilities, and the unique flavor of each individual
  • Increase personal happiness and feelings of inner security
  • Build meaningful and fulfilling relationships throughout life
  • Build the ability to be Conscious and to have a choice
  • Update and mature subconscious levels that have retarded growth and action
  • Promote psychosomatic health
  • Promote happiness within self and community
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication skills
  • Help clients understand how their mind works and how to work with it themselves

Core Beliefs are the Foundation of MindBody Wellness

In 1985, Elly began to teach her Core Belief Engineering courses across Canada. In 1997, the College of Core Belief Engineering was registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) in the province of B.C., and was accredited in 2006. Through the college, CBE practitioners are trained to restructure new beliefs from a fresh emotional base where the changes and new direction feel natural – with due consideration for the inner and outer ecology of the individual. After completing their training, CBE practitioners act as therapist, coach and/or mentor in helping the client gain the competitive advantage needed for success in personal and professional life.

Choosing the Core Belief Engineering method to change will bring you any or all of these benefits:

  • You can make up your mind and go into action easier
  • You trust yourself more, in more situations
  • You approach people, male or female, rich or poor, old or young, with openness and confidence
  • You can communicate more easily and get along better with others
  • You are able to approve and recognize yourself more
  • You strengthen your identity (ego) within or without relationships
  • The ‘problem’ fades and disappears out of your life
  • Your prosperity increases and you can do and have more
  • You forget that you ever had the problem
  • You can change, regardless of external circumstances
  • You are becoming stronger in your self-esteem, so you are not crushed or threatened by criticism or judgmental opinions of others. In fact, you learn from them.

Core Belief Engineering with Katie McIntyre

A session can last from 4-8 hours. These sessions can be divided up, yet most prefer to work through the day. This is a talk therapy, where you are guided in a conscious communication with the part of your subconscious mind that is responsible for the problem and can help to solve the problem. We always find the answer to the problem from within your own inner wisdom. When you are finished, you usually begin experiencing the changes immediately.

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