The other night was an incredible experience… not at all expected. Very much out of my character. Guess I have to go back to the past to open up the present. I loved it – your warmth – your welcoming – the trust that was in that room that you started.


It’s difficult to express in words the emotional and spiritual turnaround I have experienced with Katie’s guidance through this process. To say it has changed my life seems an understatement. I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy such deep insights into my beliefs and behaviour, or such vast improvements to my attitude and sense of well-being. And through it all, I’ve felt loved and esteemed, never pushed, never judged. I find joy and peace in my place in the Universe.

Elizabeth Hirst

Group meetings for breathwork under Katie’s guidance always bring me emotional riches. I never know what I will get until it’s underway. Sometimes, it allows me to focus on something that’s worrying me deep down, and I am able to reach out for comfort. Other times, it’s like filling up with love and sharing it with everyone in the room. Always, it connects me to life.

Elizabeth Hirst

Recently I visited a friend in Montreal and was fortunate enough come at a time when Katie was having a breathwork group session. My girlfriend has mentioned her to me many times and raved about how powerful they are and so we signed up to attend one.

Once I arrived I was greeted by a super energetic and welcoming Katie and group that attended. The energy in the room was very inviting and womb like. I have done several other breathwork sessions with other facilitators in the past, but found that Katie was a whole different breath of fresh air(no pun intended around the “breath”). As we settled into the evening it was such a warm and embracing atmosphere from all that were present and Katie really prepared an amazing energetic container to do whatever work each person arrived to do during the session. The way she prepped all of us by the fun stretches and the prompting as to where each of us were and what we were wanting to work on that night was really great. I have never had such amazing prep work prior to engaging in breathwork.

Once the breathwork began I felt Katie’s presence and the container strengthen even more. She made her way around the room and at one point in the very beginning and the ending she assisted me in exactly the way I needed. Katie clearly has a beautifully intuitive touch and guidance as to when and where she needed to intervene in order to assist each person in the room during the session.

It was truly a profound night and I working through exactly what I intended to do when I started the night.
What a gift Katie is and I hope to be able to attend another breathwork group in the near future.

Many thanks again Katie!!!


It is easy to forget to breath in a world that places emphasis on physical fitness, rising to the top, and having it all, and in that vacuum of defined and often set societal expectations many of us cannot find a space to breath, or we don’t even know that we can breath. I was intentionally thinking about my breathing during one of Katie’s three hour, Friday evening Breathwork sessions, and to my surprise and awareness, purposeful breathing broke through some of my stubborn personal and emotional barriers, triggering some issues that were harboring inside of me. I now am aware of my breathing and slow down my days with different types of breathing. You might want to consider MindBodyMontreal as a gift to yourself.

Richard TardifJournalist and Personal Fitness Trainer

Katie’s work has transformed my understanding of healing and brought it to an entire new level of clarity. Her approach establishes that of growth, presence, and an ability to communicate with the self in a powerful way. The breathwork sessions she offers have helped me see new levels in my physical body and has helped me experience a new feeling of what it means to have “optimal health” and to now know what my body’s potential actually is.

I have completed 10 breathwork sessions, and I have found that my breathing has significantly improved and I can clearly identify when my body is out of sync and how to efficiently maneuver through life’s obstacles and physical pains. Her breathwork program has offered me a massive amount of wisdom to how the body works and how essential balanced breathing is for healing. I have walked out of every session learning something new about the body and myself. Every session was a new intention for me with a new level reached and I consistently gained something. My body feels like it is more apt to communicating with me, and it’s given my body a strong voice in which it dialogues.

She has performed massage/body work on me and it has created the space I needed to integrate years of healing work and helped me to feel a true state of grounding. She is an incredible woman of power, insightful, lively, funny, professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and an absolute gift to this world and it’s evolution.
Her MindBody program as a whole is easily adapted towards any lifestyle, background and physical situation and can offer many ways for personal adjustments and individualized techniques to thrive. Core belief has assisted me in feeling more myself than I have ever felt before, and it has shown me that I am my own healer. I felt I always needed to change in some way for other types of therapies and this is 100% unique to your own body type, personality, and life path.

As someone who has walked down many paths and experienced many types of healing work, I would highly recommend all that she offers. It has been a very stabilizing experience for me and has truly taught me what it means to be inside of this body and own myself and my power. It is easily applicable to all walks of life.

Thanks for all that you do 🙂

KaylaStudent, Electronic Music Producer, Sound Healer, Shamanic Healer, Health Enthusiast

I was very pleased and impressed with my process experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started since I have never done one before, but found it very enlightening. The origination of some of the memories that came up were very surprising, but at the same time made sense once brought out into the open. When it was finished, I felt more like myself and filled with a sense of calm and lightness. It has been 2 weeks now and I haven’t had any of the issues I had which brought me to try a process in the first place. I am grateful for having had the experience.

Christine Dostie

I think there is no more accurate word than drastic to describe all the changes my body went through since I started my working out program with Katie McIntyre. It has just been a year since I’ve learned the first basic stretches, but I feel like I’ve come a very long way. Time is a very indefinable concept. For some people, one year can last a wink. For others, the same year can have the length of five. Nevertheless, one fact remains indisputable about time: it flies. And the more things we can grab on its path; the higher we grow. In fact, the human spirit is able to ascend to a point where everything beneath it(time, worries, homework, etc.) suddenly starts to look astonishingly small. When an individual finds himself in this kind of awareness, it means he’s become master of his life. In this brief testimony, I would like to show you how Katie helped me ascend the steps leading to ataraxia.

For many, body and spirit are enemies and irreconcilable. The spirit is in many ways a divine substance. It never rests, never shuts down before death, not does it ever get sick. The last statement is questionable though; we will come back to it later on. On the other hand, the body- this mechanical assembling of bones, muscles, nerves and skin- may seem just like a banal automaton. It moves, digests food, reproduces, and above all, needs to rest. What a prosaic thing is the body compared to the spirit that can imagine, invent, memorize, and do so much more! However, the body and the spirit are inseparable on one essential point: both are necessary to live. Unfortunately, I went through a big part of my youth without really paying attention to my body. I would do my homework without having in mind how I was sitting. I wouldn’t do any sport because I thought intellectual work never matched with corporal exercise. Today, I realize that the attitude was awfully wrong. Wrong for my body and my spirit. Here is my story.

Monday morning. My alarm clock rings at 6:30. I get out of bed. My back is aching a bit. But that’s fine, since I’m dealing with academic work and not aerobics. 2-hour french class ahead. Interesting class, but how painful it is for my back to sit for 2 hours without moving! The bell rings, finally! Back home, I eat supper and then go up in my room to study. While I’m studying WWII, my body is wriggling; it wants to go out and move, but I refuse to listen to it. Never should I waste any of time for my body. The body can take care of itself. What matters, it’s the spirit. These were my thoughts before one memorable evening. It was somewhere in January. My father came to visit me at my mom’s place. Strangely enough, my dad paid more attention to my posture that night, and saw me walking a bit bending sideways. He then asked me to take off my shirt, and noticed I had little curvature of the spine. The next week, I signed up for physiotherapy treatment at Action Sport. My teacher was Katie McIntyre. Since this date, everything started to improve.

On our first meeting Katie told me I had to work on my spine, my abdominal muscles, and my hips. I felt quite a bit bamboozled the first classes. Katie would use some techniques I never heard about before. As the months passed, my arms were becoming stronger, but at the same time, I was beginning to feel much looser. The hic around my progression, is that Katie was making me use absolutely no weights. Instead, she would make me use the weight and the resistance of my own body through all the workouts. If I found these techniques a bit weird at the beginning, there is no word to describe how beneficial they appeared to be for my well-being. The stretches Katie taught me allowed me to become stronger, more flexible, and more dynamic without having to look like these muscle giant guys who carry domes inside their arms.

Above all the health my working out program brought me, my academic potential also increased. Now, I can sit for four hours without encountering any aching in my back. The body and the spirit might be two unequal substances, but they cohabit in the same environment. And Katie helped me embrace my spirit within my body; an outstanding cure. Thank you Katie!

Gregory Kudish18 years old

Dear Katie,

Thank you for helping me get through some extremely tough times this year by using your special techniques in deep massage therapy and breath work, with some meditation thrown in. Your Core Belief Engineering has helped me tremendously and I want to tell you that you have made my days a lot brighter just having you in my life. You have taught me “how to deal with daily stress and make choices that enhance my life-instead of increasing the stress”.

You have a special gift– keep using it to make others feel better.

Luv you,

Carol70 years old

I have done breath work sessions with Katie McIntyre for several months. I can say without any hesitation, that she is a graceful, energetic guide. Katie is a sensitive soul who is more than willing to share her considerable expertise on the human body, heart and soul with those under her care-she is one of the most deeply caring and loving people I have met in a long time. I would highly recommend Katie as a completely unique teacher, as a pathfinder in unchartered territory, and as a gentle and most soulful spirit on this journey we all share. She has the commitment and devotion that is so important in any therapist.

Carole Zucker, 59 years oldProfessor, Film StudiesConcordia University